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t_cel 12-23-2007 04:22 AM

American Standard freedom 90 3 flash code

Its 4 AM and my 10 day old furnace (single stage) is not working. It comes on with the startup cycle for about a minute and then shuts down. A few minutes later it will repeat this but it never fires up. Here is what is says in the manual for this error code:

Draft Pressure Error - Possible Problems:
a) Venting Problem
b) Pressure switch problem
c) Inducer problem

The pressure switch tube is clear and I just replaced the filter. There are high winds right now, it is possible this is causing some sort of venting problem? I will give my service guy a call in the morning but until then does anyone have an idea?


bigMikeB 12-23-2007 05:38 PM

Call the installer back there is most likely a problem with the venting.

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