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KEITH112 11-10-2008 09:52 PM

american standard freedom 80
Hi, I have a american standard freedom 80 single stage furnance and the diag. led does not flash. The door interlock switch is closed and I am getting 120 at the line h and line n. The voltage at the transformer is 120 and on the backside i get 24. Is there more voltage checks I can make.

Black Adder 11-10-2008 11:29 PM

Check the plug in fuse on the board.

KEITH112 11-11-2008 11:44 AM

american standard freedom 80
Hey thanks for the reply, I did check the fuse and it ohm out good. The voltage on either side of it is at 24 volts. Are there other fusings.

Thanks Keith112

Black Adder 11-11-2008 11:54 AM

That's the only fuse on the board, if everything else checks out good power wise. Sounds like it's time for a new board..

KEITH112 11-11-2008 10:12 PM

thanks for the help. I found three bad solder connections on the circuitboard. I repair them and the system is up and running. The diag. LED is flashing normally, the led flashing a fault code for the pressure sensor is gone (three flashes). So far so good. I repaired the connection that has 12 connections (one big connection) the connection solder were 3,6,7 and 10.

Thanks for your help, Keith

kennzz05 11-12-2008 12:20 AM

you go boy!!! most just toss and replace the board nice work:thumbup::thumbup:

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