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blueydgal 10-30-2011 01:35 AM

American Standard 90%HE Gas Furnace leaking gas
For the last year I have smelt gas coming from our air vents and at the top of the sealed control panel where the vent holes area. ( I was getting nauseous from the smell and so was my toddler). During my first service call, My furnace guy said that high efficency furnaces do not leak because they are a sealed unit. I had numerous service calls and was told numerous times ,no gas leak by my furnace installers. Only when I called the gas company and they found a leak did my furnace guys then find it and believe me.1 leak was found at a grommet where the gas line went into the Peek hole/burner area. The second leak was found by a factory rep I called who assisted my furnace installers in finding the leak at the back of some wires. Long story short I have called my furnace guys over 7 times and the gas company 3 times in the past year and a factory rep.
I Checked out the furnace today because of a bad smell again and gas is coming from the vent holes on top of the control panel again. I am soooo frustrated and tired of getting nauseous and jerked around.
This is an American Standard 90 + High Efficiency Furnace around 5 years old.
Any suggestions would be welcomed!!:bangin:

biggles 10-30-2011 02:26 PM

your calling for heating and is that a natural gas smell or burnt gas smell.if it is a natural gas smell the leak has to be before the main gas valve and anything below above the middle panel is positive from the fan running...negative below the middle panel control area....anybody check for acracked heat exchanger that is the most common are of gas and supply air into the space......quick test if the burner comes on check for a flame movement right when the supply fan comes if you blew on your stove top gas burner..there shouldn't be any waving of that flame:wink:

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