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Allergies & duct cleaning - ?

My wife & I have been in our place for a couple of years. It's a 12 y/o house, central air. I haven't had the HVAC system checked out since we've been here - previous owner had had it done in the year before we bought it.

Each room has it's own vent, with a central intake in the hallway. I keep the intake filter clean (it's a non-disposable type). My wife is susceptable to allergies, and she wakes up every morning stuffed up.

Should I have a professional duct cleaning done? Is there a way to inspect the ducts by looking through the registers, or won't this reveal much? I have an attic furnace with 3 main trunks, with flexible fingers to the registers.

We also have two cats, but we've had them for years in other houses with no problems.


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Install UV light sterilization.



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The only time that I would use a professional duct cleaning, is after a fire or smoke damage to the interior, or during construction. Otherwise, not needed
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I agree. I was a duct cleaner for a year and a half while at ACCA school, two houses a day, 5 days a week...

I can say most houses will not benefit from a duct cleaning, even if it's done correctly. These guidelines are outlined by the NADCA if you must clean.

Most companies who have a legitimate service will be as costly as installing a 4-6" media cabinet such as an aprilaire which will provide up to 16 merv filtration without restricting the system.

For highly allergic people, the newest concepts are the guardian air/toptech style lights. They create a molecule that claims to be the best for eliminating smells, germs, etc. I have put in about 50 of these over the past 5 years and never heard complaints. (they MUST be wired to operate with the system fan)
Those run about 340-600 installed, and are really easy to put in.
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Go higher efficient air filters or as suggested above , air purifier.
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Air duct cleaning, cigarette smoke damage

Now I'm a little confused... would "smoke damage" also include the damage caused by someone smoking in a home well over 20 years?

I just moved into a home occupied by my father who was a pack a day smoker and the house reeked of smoke and cat urine odors.

I've taken the last year to remove the popcorn ceiling, removing wallpaper and vertical blinds and old furniture, removed all the old carpetting and redid the bathroom adding new drywall, added laminate flooring throughout over old ruined hardwood floors, repainted throughout.

I'm now living in the 1940s built home and there are lingering faint odors of cigarette smoke. The 90s style honey oak kitchen cabinetry remains but I replaced the countertops with granite, not sure how much cigarette odor was absorbed into the oak cabinetry or into the walls or even the insulation at this point.

I'm now thinking of getting the air duct system cleaned.

Any recommendations on a well-know reliable franchise company I can use in Southern California for a small 2-bedroom 1 bath 1200 sf home?

Many thanks!



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