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pingers7 01-28-2007 09:15 AM

air in fuel line
hi again i have a problem all of a sudden came home the other night it was to be the coldest night this year and my red light was on so i instinctively bled the air out of my fuel line at the pump(i have had a pump noise in a previous thread so i figured that i would ty this first as the noise had gone away (i had cleaned the screen in the pump) for most of the season then about 4-5 days ago i heard it once and did not pay much attention to it) well the unit fired and worked fine for two days.came home again the red light was on bled it again and worked fine till about 3am (got up to go potty) red light was on agin i bled and fine. i called a friend who is a boiler guy and he is coming over later but said that he has never heard of this before. hopefully someone out there has and maybe can give me some ideas. thanks again for any help you guys are great for spending you're free time to help others out.


pingers7 01-28-2007 10:35 AM

well my friend stopped by of course he can't find anything wrong when it is running fine so we looked around and he said that i should have a one way valve coming off of my tank on th other side of my filter (there is no valve at all) as my lines go up to the ceiling and then back down to the pump. he feels this may be a big contributer to my problem and that the pump needs to work harder to get fuel. sounds reasonable so i will get a valve and put one in. still if there are any other ideas i will check those out to. bob

#CARRIERMAN 01-28-2007 06:41 PM

Hi pingers7

There is a chance that the drive coupling on the burn pump could be bad. I am not real familiar with the light oil furnaces, but that is the most common cause of heavy oil or waste oil heater pump noises. The other could be your oil pressure regulator is going bad.

Good luck

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