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HVAC_f4_dummies 06-06-2012 11:23 AM

Air flow problem in one room
Ok, I'm pretty much have no clue when it comes to HVAC, so I figured I would come ask. The entire house cools great except for one room. The room adjacent to this room cools fine. When I turn the air on the cool air does not come out of the vent. Does anyone have any clues what I could check to fix it? Also, could this be an expensive problem?

biggles 06-06-2012 12:57 PM

if it has always been like that leaking supply to register or no register connection.take the stat system OFF ...FAN/ON and if you have floor registers...drop newspapers over the discgrge grills from nearest the uit to the problem room...ask you walk and drop the air will be pushed to the registers that are free of papers...get down to just the one problem room it sholud be blasting...

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