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air duct question

hi all professionals. i just purchased my house two months ago. i had my central furnace tuned up. the technician from service champions stated that the air ducts were leaking at the joints. he saidn that they could do a cement mastic job to seal up the ducts. it would cost about $1804. geez. i had another air conditioning company come. he lives 2 blocks away from me. he said that the air ducts all look great and professionally done. he said that the air ducts do not look like they're leaking. but, he didn't do an air test. he said that he could give me new air ducts for $400-500. he also said that it's a waste of money to have air ducts cleaned because in california, there are seldom cases of mold and mildew in the ducts. the only problem is that he has his own company, but he doesn't have a license. i have called two other companies for free estimates. who do i trust? i am second guessing the second guy because my house gets very cold. he said that the forced air blows dust out so that it does not collect in the ducts. thanks.


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Do you have sheet metal duct work, or duct board duct work.
Cleaning of the ducts, won't improve efficiency.
Unless you have duct and dirt blowing out that you can see, cleaning the ducts won't lessen the dusting you have to do in your house.

Is there a reason you think you might have mold in your ducts.

If you have mold. After cleaning, the duct should be treated with a chemical that kills mold. Cleaning only, doesn't remove all the mold, or kill it.

I would be leary of any company that can replace all your ducts for 400 to 500 dollars. Unless you only have a total of 10 foot of duct work.

If your return duct leaks, so does your supply duct.
Any duct work that is not sealed with mastic, or mastic tape, leaks.

Before you have your ducts sealed. Ask the companies if they can check your current static pressures.
After sealing the ducts, your static will increase.

Its nice to know before hand, if sealing the return will reduce your air flow.


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was the first guy pointing a GUN at you when he said that2 gallons of duct sealer and some cheap 2" paint brushes from HD.if the duct is wrapped on the outside remove sections and paint it 360 degees around the clips let it cure and move on do all the metal runs and right back to the furnace where the duct connects to the top of the furnace.if it is internally insulated then it is easier to do.

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If you use masking tape, you can make it look real nice.

Doesn't seal better, but looks real good.
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