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ahsmike 06-19-2008 10:24 AM

Air Coditioner won't run...HELP
Yesterday I noticed it was getting hot in the house so I found out the air conditioner was not running. The fuse looked like it was possibly blown so I replaced that and still nothing. I then checked for power on a voltage meter and power was there. I have talked to my father and he said it was likely the thermostat, circuit board or transformer. I just read on the internet that older air conditioners(mine in about 12 years) should not be using the round thermostats they should only have digital, is this true. I have had a round honey well on for the past three years when the original went out. Is there a way to check if the thermostat is bad, also how can I find out if the circuit board or transformer is bad. Any other suggestions on what it could be?

geo fan 06-19-2008 06:27 PM

you checked the voltage was it the line or control in other words was it 120-230 or 24 if you had 24 volts from the r to c terminals your transformer is good . The reason for the t-stat is new units have delays that wont allow you to turn the system on and off and on and off realy fast this can damage the equip digital t-stats have these delays as well not likely the reason . while transformers can just go they are often are often asc. with a contol short somewhere else in the system first check for 24v at the circuit board and tell me what you see , be carefull 24 wont hurt but line will

biggles 06-21-2008 04:34 PM

remove the stat off the subbase,your now viewing the stat wires coming from the furnace and the transformer.with a paper clip jump R to G ....your fan should start.this test proves 2 things..... you have line power(fan on) and 24v transformer with the jump bringing in the fan won't get shocked with the jumping with a paper clip..if concerned put a piece of tape where you will hold it when you jump.

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