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Ralph III 03-04-2012 10:12 AM

AC wiring questions?
Hello All,

I have some confusion in regards to the wiring for our air conditioner (split system) and would like some insight. This is straight ac with a heat strip.

The air handler/heat strip is in the attic, while the condenser unit is outdoors of course.

Anyhow, there is an 80amp breaker(for ac) in the outdoor "entrance" load center that supplies power to a subpanel in the attic.

1) One breaker in the subpanel is an 80amp dp that supplies power to two 60amp built-in air handler breakers. The two 60amp breakers are double wide with single type throws. One should be for the blower whereas one should be for the heat strip, correct? However, shouldn't these two 60amp breakers be fed with adequate wiring and a 120amp subpanel breaker?

2) The other breaker in the subpanel is a 40amp dp that goes outside to the condenser disconnect. Again however, you have 80amp and 40amp subpanel breakers that are fed/protected by a single 80amp, main load center breaker? Shouldn't they be fed/protected by 120amp breaker? Maybe not 120amp, given the condenser will never run while heat is on...

In short:
80amp main load center breaker (feeds/protects AC subpanel)
AC subpanel has two breakers in it, an 80amp dp and a 40amp dp.
(The 80amp breaker feeds two 60amp built-in air handler/heat strip breakers.
The 40amp breaker feeds the outside condenser).

I would appreciate some clarification, as otherwise it would seem the wiring and/or breakers are not matched properly?


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