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dlastra 05-06-2012 12:13 PM

ac keeps blowing the 5 amp fuse
replace the transformer,fan control board,capacitor,and contactor on condensing unit, once the fuse is replaced the unit will work for a couple of hours and then will blow the fuse again:(:(

clocert 05-06-2012 12:48 PM

Which fuse ? where is that fuse located ?

dlastra 05-06-2012 12:56 PM

the fuse is the 5 amp fuse located on the control board on the air handler this board is for the fan

jb64 05-06-2012 01:44 PM

You need to provide more data. AC unit is ...... Window unit, Central air, hitachi ventless?

dlastra 05-06-2012 01:49 PM

5 amp fuse keeps blowing out
this is acentral,240 voltsunit , carrier 2 ton r 22 about 11 years old

dlastra 05-06-2012 01:50 PM

carrier 2 ton central air split system 11 years old

jb64 05-06-2012 02:21 PM

Do you have any schematics, I, right now am fighting my own AC issues, my condenser unit has no pcbs, no fuses, and no transformers. I need to know at least model, mfg, to check online.

Doc Holliday 05-06-2012 02:29 PM

Fellow Houstonian? Welcome.

jb64 05-06-2012 02:55 PM

Hey Doc,
I'm a TX transplant. Love TX, never leaving.

Doc Holliday 05-06-2012 03:22 PM

Lived here my entire life. What side of town are you in?

jb64 05-06-2012 04:16 PM


jb64 05-06-2012 04:34 PM

My post is 4m205j, what do you think?

biggles 05-06-2012 04:46 PM

remove the stat off the subbase...disconnect the 24V wires out to the condenser at the condenser power up the air handler again with new 5A and then jump first R to G does it blow? then R over to Y does it blow?

Doc Holliday 05-06-2012 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by jb64 (Post 915907)

That's way up north by Magnolia and Tomball, right? I used to work the Atascosita, Kingwood, Woodlands and surrounding areas last year. Company was in Spring.

Nice area up north but not being Houston City limits I've found a lot of code violations in homes out there. Not trying to scare you, just so you're aware. Get yourself a drain pan condensate float safety switch for your inside unit. It's required in the city but most homes out there don't have them. It'll protect your ceiling or floor from water damage and let you know when your a/c has a drain restriction. Down here you're drain will be flowing full time with the amount of humidity in the air.

They only cost maybe $20 and are very easy to install.

jb64 05-06-2012 05:10 PM

Doc, sounds like good advice, don't have to worry about the drip pan until I can run the ac, please check my post.

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