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lilda12 06-16-2008 02:24 PM

AC or heating unit just will not come on
Hey all,

My home is about 25 yrs old. My AC unit just does not come on anymore. I change the thermostat ago and the unit was working just fine. Now this summer the unit is just not coming on at all I was just wondering could this be do to the thermostat or maybe a bigger problem?

pcampbell 06-16-2008 04:48 PM

What isn't coming on. Is the blower not coming on? Is the outside unit not coming on? Neither? Is the blower breaker tripped?

lilda12 06-16-2008 04:52 PM

The entire unit will not come. Not the blower or the unit outside.

pcampbell 06-16-2008 06:00 PM

Did you check the breaker for the blower... How about the thermostat?

lilda12 06-16-2008 06:44 PM

yes I have to both. It is like it is not getting any power. I know I may have to call a repairman just wondering if it will cost alot. Or how much it will be to replace?

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