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Coolridge69Vett 09-21-2012 07:44 AM

2000 Oakwood Mobile Home Thermostat and Furnace question
Previous owner had central air and took it with them. We were handed the original thermostat. In its intended location there is a wire sticking out of the wall with 5 or 6 smaller wires within it. I can see on the thermostat that there is color coding for wire placement....W is where white wire goes...Y is for Yellow wire, etc, but we seem to have 2 extra wires in the strand with no apparent place to hook them in the thermostat. Any ideas?
Also, when you take the filter (return air) door off the wall, you can look down inside and see the fan unit. There is a rectangular opening on the left and also a rectangular neck sticking up on the right. The neck is covered up with duct tape. Coming down from the ceiling in the furnace space is a 6-8" flexible, round duct. Its a tube that looks likes its covered in tin foil. That tube is pinched off with a zip tie at the bottom and connects to nothing. Should it connect to the neck that is duct taped off or is there something missing in between the two?

beenthere 09-22-2012 08:08 AM

Need to look and see if those 2 wires are connected to anything in the furnace. That duct may be a fresh air intake. need to look and see where it comes from.

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