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200,000 BTU's part 2

I have never been a cheapie with regard to paying contractors what they ask, as long as I get quality workmanship. I assume when I invite a company to my home for an estimate, they know their business, and give advice based on what I need. Most homeowners, do not know the technical stuff like you guys, which is why we rely on experts for the right info. example, last year I did the exterior of my home, hardy board, roof, gutters, aluminum facia and sofitts, ridge vents. I spent a great deal of money, I paid the bill in full. NOw I come to find out that they did not supply enough intake vents for proper ventillation of the ridge vent, now I have to go through all this crap trying to get the company to correct it AFTER the fact, I can;t understand this, you would think companies doing the work know what the hell they are doing right? now as you can imagion I'm leary of who to hire for my heating, especially since no one is on the same page with regard to what I need. I do appreciate the feedback, but alot of the technical stuff is over my head, I need more info on what to do rather than how to get there. here is the best I can describe my scenerio.
I told you its a 200,000 btu furnace, i was wrong on my SF i said 4000 its listed with my village as 3650SF. we had a hyle 5 ton air put in last year, (my electric bill for the last 2 months was over $500 per month) I suspect the reason for this is because one of my sons bedrooms does not get air (or heat in winter) its the farthest away from furnace, so we put in a portabel unit and its takes alot of electricity. in winter that room and some other rooms upstrairs does not get heat or cold air, even with that monster unit. one guy said I have 2 cold air returns, but also said some of the sizes do no match right for max air flow. thats about all I can tell you.


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"especially since no one is on the same page with regard to what I need"

For sizing your furnace, IMO sounds you need someone who will (A) do a careful J Manual load calculation and (B) sell you whatever size furnace the manual says, without recommending you buy anything bigger.

I'm doing the same exact thing in my house: new furnace, changes in ducting, and attic insulation. The contractor who satisifies me that they're following the book in sizing is the contractor I'll trust to recommend best solutions for all the other issues.


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You would be best advised to do the heat load calculation:Load Calculator
it is very straightforward and has a sample one to walk you thru it B4 buying it. All you need is a tape measure or get someone comfortable with building construction, carpenter friend to do it for you. Costs very little . Most contractors don't want to spend the time to do a load calculation as eyeballin works well 95% of the time. They don't pay top dollar to get top quality techs like we have here and can't be bothered. So you are left with doing it yourself or accepting what is available. Very little professionalism in the world today. Young people are more interested in their social life and blackberrys etc then their job. I know as it is impossible to find motivated guys with logic skills to be apprentices and do some studying on their own time. Want the company to pay them for everything. Company expects to hire fully trained techs but has to settle for what is available, nobody wants to spend the time or $$ to create a professional tech or become one. I am sure this applies to all sorts of trades and occupations. Heck, I had to liaison my lawyer and bank and explain to him how to do the legal stuff for my mortgage according to what the bank wanted. Then paid him for my help and his "signature".
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