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viper 07-25-2011 01:49 PM

2 stage water source heat pump systems. Real savings or fluff
Totally excluding the cost of the system here, I would like to specifically ask about electric usage and efficiency of these systems in practice. I realize what the OEMS quote, 24-35 SEER ratings but I would really like to know if these are accurate and realizing that sometimes home efficiency is what it is.

Just FYI, I already have 4 wells and a 1acre pond so water source and disposal are not an issue.

Are these 2 stage systems typically operating with 2 compressors rather than a digitally controlled scroll?

Also, since it seems many systems are using an internal compressor and condenser coil, do these systems usually come precharged as a ready to use assembly or do they have to break down due to weight and size issues?

user_12345a 06-14-2015 03:53 PM

Look for some extended performance data online.

COP will vary as the water temperature of the loop changes. Ideally should be sized so that you have to use minimal or no strip heat.

I'm no expert on geothermal - zero practical experience, never seen a system in my life, only on paper, but common sense dictates that heat exchanger fouling might be an issue with an open loop. Ask your contractor about water filtration.

beenthere 06-14-2015 07:32 PM

They are very very efficient. Most 2 stage use a 2 stage scroll.

Open loop, put a strainer in the inlet pipe.

Stickman42 06-14-2015 08:23 PM

You can view live data of existing systems at welserver dot com. Many have watt meters in place and display operating costs. I look at WEL0063 sometimes because the house is similar to mine.

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