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bobinphx 06-05-2013 12:24 AM

15 degree split, scroll compressor is hot!!
so a good friend of mine calls and says his ac is out. He has had a couple of pros over and all they want to do is sell him a new unit.

So I take a look at the system, its a mess.... coleman presidential II air handler, 30 years old. Heat strips and an A coil. The coil is a mess. lots of dirt and corosion. Then I head out to the condenser. Oil around the service ports. condenser coil in good shape, not to dirty. Contactor is ok, run cap on the SCROLL compressor looks original. Wait,,, A scroll compressor, 30 years old... what the.... I look closer and the condensor is a Rheem classic x from 1993!!! Franken system. so compressor and condensor has been replaced, but not the evap. so I give it the one over and fire it up.... suprise it starts and runs. One of the techs that checked the system said that the compressor was locked up< LOL.

So, the compressor pulls about 25 amps at start and then settles into 17 amps. This is a 4 ton compressor. after about 10 minutes.. the air comming out of the condensor is about 15 degress hotter then the outside. I go inside and I have about 15 degrees split return to supply.
I reach in to touch the compressor and its way hot at the top and the output pipe is very hot (not P warm), and the larger line is sort of cold (not like a beer)...

The buddy says that it quit working on the first 107 day, today was 102 and it was "working"....

While I am there the " I do side work" tech who did work for the previous owner shows up and says that he checked the freon and it was low. He says its always low and he has to add freon every year.... So I ask him if the evap is tvx or fixed. Silence.. then I ask about subcool... silence. Then I ask if he checked the run cap..silence... but he would be happy to change out the coil inside and the compressor and condenser... My turn to be silent!!!

so just from experiance, why would the compressor be so hot?? is it due to the evap or run cap? or the condenser?? or to high a pressure??? or the franken mess that this system is????

bottom line is that the owner wants a little bit of time, to get a manual j and a whole bunch of quotes for a whole new system.... so I just need to get him "by"

any ideas???

beenthere 06-05-2013 04:30 AM

Scroll compressor are often very hot on the top when running. The small line coming out of them is a "hot" gas discharge line, so it should be hot.

Very well may be slightly low on charge. After the system first starts on a hot day with the inside temp high. It will take a while before the suction line becomes cold.

Clean the evap coil, it will cool slightly better. But if its low on charge, the temp split will drop.

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