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DavidB 03-15-2006 05:40 AM

10mm plastic central heating capacity
I'm refurbishing my lounge and want to change the piping to 3 radiators in my lounge to 10mm plastic from copper 15mm for ease of installation/how it looks/no carpet holes etc using horizontal push fit connections.

The existing 15mm run to the lounge (off a 22mm feed) branches 2 ways - one to a 6000 btu rad approx on a run of about 5 metres and the other branch then splits into two and and each run of about 3 metres feeds a 6000 btu rad.

Can the 10mm deliver the heat I require if I simply replace?

What else do I need to take into account to ensure the set up works fine?

Would it be best to use the 10mm only as final tails?
Many thanks.

dirkgently 03-19-2006 10:28 AM

Yes 10mm will be able to deliver the required kW output, but it will probably require an increase in pump pressure, this may increase system noise and upset circuit balance. I would not be tempted to do this as10mm should be used only with a properly designed micro bore system.

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