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JonMendoza 09-07-2006 12:46 AM

1 hot bedroom in the house
Hi all, my brother and I are renting 2 bedrooms in a house, and it just so happens that my room tends to get kind of hot during the day because it seems to be the furthest from the air conditioner, as well as having 2 windows towards the front of the house. I have already tried blocking off one of the windows with a piece of foil-covered cardboard to provide some kind of shade, which helps, but it's still kind of hot in here. Does anyone have any kind of advice as to what I should do? I appreciate any help you can give!


mickeyco 09-07-2006 02:29 PM

There could be many reasons for this, the things to look for are; do you have a return (a duct with a non-adjustable register over it), if you don't the air will not be recirculated and cooling will be less effective. A simple fix is leaving the door open if there's a return in the hallway. If you do have a return make sure it's not blocked, the same goes for the supply, make sure the register is open all the way and not obstructed. It may just be your room is warmer because it's on a side of the house with more exposure to the sun, the windows, distance from the air handler/evaporator etc. Most systems have dampers on the supplies that can be adjusted to increase flow to different areas, these can be balanced (adjusted) to equalize the temperature in different areas of the home. Booster fans can also be added to increase flow to rooms farther from the air handler/evaporator. But since you don't own the house I don't know how much you would be allowed to do, or want to pay for. A simple solution might be buying a small window unit for your room, they're cheap to buy and run.

KUIPORNG 09-07-2006 03:16 PM

I think your room probably face west and your brother's room face east... you then got hot in the afternoon and he is ok...

the only solution is to reduce the problem which is block all sunlights then have a fan... or if the landloard allow you to have a window air conditioner... or pay some money to your brother or find him a nice girl friend to exchange the room...

mfahey 09-19-2006 10:18 PM

check the duct/air flow
If you have access to the whole house, turn on the fan on the system.
Take a piece of tissue paper and hold it on the registers. Does it blow out or just lie there?
Go to the other register and do the same. How do they compare?
Your duct may be disconnected or leaking alot of air.

The other thing is return air. Is there return air near the room which creates better circulation of air.

I would contact my utility and see if they have free inspections. It might be worth it.

Of course, it is tough to overcome house orientation and lack of insulation/disrepair, etc.

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