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Thank you gardenconcepts for the pdf and the information. It was extremely helpful.

Do you know where a homeowner can get their hands on some Trimec Classic? I doubt they sell it at a big box store. Can I go to a nursery and will they have it there?

Thanks again for the info.


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I have the same weeds in my yard and am sick of them. I have attacked the emergent weeds with weed b gon and have spread Preen to try to keep the pre-emergent weeds from sprouting.

I was wondering if mulching would help.
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Well, I've used the Weed-b-gon max + crabgrass. I bought the '1 gallon' bottle of it and sprayed them. Waited a week, and it made a little dent, but I then bought the concentrate version of it and a sprayer. Mixed it up, and applied it to them again. It made a bigger dent.

Finally, I put down scotts weed killer on last night, and I think they are FINALLY starting to die. I don't know about others, but I think the multiple applications of the weed-b-gon will do the trick. I might have to spray them again, but I think they are finally dying.

I'm sure it doesn't help that my neighbor's backyard looks like a jungle. I think that's where all my weeds are coming from.
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This month's This Old House has a Q&A about thistle. Here's their advice:
Thistle is an invasive weed that's hard to beat because of its deep and extensive root system, which can grow up to 3 feet. Unless you dig up every bit of a root, it will grow back. The easiest way to kill this weed is with a glyphosate-based herbicide, such as Roundup. Check the labels and buy the one that has the highest glyphosate.

The keys to thistle control are persistence and timing. One approach is to spray the weeds after the flower buds form but before they bloom, to stop them from producing seeds. But I prefer to wait until they are weak, when spraying packs the biggest punch. Here's what you do:

In June, just before they flower, cut the thistles down to the ground. They'll grow back -- that's okay -- just let them keep growing until September. That's when you hit them with the herbicide. At that point, they'll have used so much energy to re-sprout that the spray will knock them flat.

Thistles are tough customers, so a few may grow back the next year. Keep after them with the same strategy until the infestation is under control.
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It's a thistle of some sort, though I'm not sure which type. I don't think it's a Canada Thistle, as it doesn't look like those bad boys we battled on the farm.

The necessary ingredient in any pesticide is what's called 2-4D. Your best bet is a spray, as it's a contact herbicide.

Be careful when spraying it. It can "drift" and kill broadleaf weeds you don't want to kill - like your wife's flowers (so I've heard...).


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