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The other option for keeping weeds under control is, as someone else here mentioned is using Preen on top of your mulch. Organic Preen is Corn gluten Meal, so it is 100% safe for kids / pets.

I think your suppose to apply about twice a year. The times I used it, I found it to work very well. It only stops germination, so it wont kill things that spread via the roots and won't kill plants that are already there.



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Originally Posted by Susan Schlenger View Post
The purpose of a top dressing for planting beds is too conserve moisture and keep the weeds out, not to really stand out. Ideally over time, your plantings will take up the space in the beds and the topping won't really be seen at all.

I use hardwood shredded bark mulch for my projects. It is very natural looking, does what it is supposed and looks attractive. Apply it 3" thick and you won't have to re-apply it for another 2 or 3 years. Each spring, take a 3 pronged rake and fluff it up. This will refresh it and make it look like it was newly applied.

I don't like red mulch. It is very unnatural looking for a garden and any type of landscape. The plants are supposed to be what one sees in the landscape, not a red topping. The HSB mulch is dark brown.
That looks very nice! A week ago I did decide to change my design to a type of brown mulch. Main reasons being that needles and stuff would land on top of th rocks and it would be very hard to keep clean. Does brown mulch fade quickly?

I'm planning to change the red mulch around my house to brown as well. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but that's what the wife wanted so I kind of went a long with it. I need to reapply the red mulch each year as it fades pretty quickly. It does alright throughout the summer, but once winter gets here with the melting snow it really takes the color off. Maybe with the brown the fading would matter as much because it would technically still be brown. When my red mulch fades it fades to a light red with white specs. It doesn't look pink by any means, just doesn't have the dark red look anymore. Plus when I do pull weeds, it brings the black soil to the top and you can easily tell where the weed was.
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Originally Posted by Susan Schlenger View Post
I never really believed in landscape fabric under mulch. I say this because I always believed weed seeds can land in the mulch and grow there. When I bought my house I discovered fabric under the mulch. I think the amount of weeds I get are the same as a thick covering of mulch, which is actually there...three inches thick.

So I still believe that if you lay this amount of mulch in a bed, weeds will be kept to a minimum and fabric is not that helpful in keeping the weeds out. In addition, adding some Preen a few times during the season will keep your beds almost weed free.
Yep, I took this off my list. I've ready pretty bad reviews about this stuff. Once the mulch decompresses you'll have a nice layer that seeds can still grow on. Plus I totalled it would cost around $400 bucks or so to cover the entire bed.
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Brown Mulch

The brown mulch does fade, but:
1. Ideally it will eventually be covered by plants.
2. It doesn't matter if it fades. You are supposed to be looking at the plants, not the mulch!
3. Just give it a freshening up if you prefer the dark brown color. Turn it over, fluff it up with a 3-prong rake.


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