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cgilbert 03-18-2011 03:21 PM

What to install first: 8x8 post OR paver area
Hello everyone,
I live in North Texas and am looking for a few recommendations. Here's the scenario:
I've got plans/instructions to install an attached arbor as well as a paver area underneath. Since the 8x8 cedar posts will not be anchored on the pavers I've got to dig the holes to set my concrete pillar anchor. I'm thinking that the pillar anchor holes will be right outside my paver area. The paver area already has a gradual slope so Im not sure if I need a retaining wall or fortification. Here's my questions:

1. Do you agree that digging holes around a level paver area could cause issues like making it more likely to erode?
2. Do you think laying the posts first and then the pavers around the post is the smart way togo?
3. Do you prefer to lay posts in concrete or anchor them to a concrete pillar? If concrete pillar, what are your steps todo this?
4. At what degree of slope does one determine that a retaining wall or fortification is needed to hold the pavers up?

Thanks for your help:)

CplDevilDog 03-18-2011 06:21 PM

I would set your footer piers first. At the very least, you'll be less likely to track mud over your clean pavers.

Dig your footer piers down below your local frost line. Not really necessary to use sono-tube forms for a small structure. I would set the posts on top of the piers using Simpson product.

Make sure you slope your patio away from existing foundation 1/4"/foot.

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