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Mr. Michael 03-26-2007 03:13 PM

what grass do I have?
I live in Omaha, NE, and am wandering what type of lawn I have. What's the best way to find this out? I'm ready to fertilize, and just realized that the product I purchased is not recommended for certain lawns.
Should I find a lawn care company and ask them, or is there some way it can be narrowed down by supplying information to any experts on here?
Thanks for any and all information.

MillerClemsonHD 03-26-2007 03:54 PM

try to post some pictures or a description
and someone here will be able to tell you.

One easy piece of information is does your lawn turn brown in the winter like a bermuda?

Pictures would be best but a description might do the job.

Pilgrims Pride 04-16-2007 09:07 AM

You could take a few samples to a reputable garden center, not lowes or home depot or what ever you may have in your area.
Most of the folks who work in those areas are not very knowledgeable.
Again find a good nursery, or take the samples to a county extension service.
They will be able to help too.

if you go the lawn care company route, I'd suggest finding a smaller mom & pop type business.
They are generally more knowledgeable as well.

If you hire them ask about licenses and insurance.
Most states require some sort of license to commercially apply pesticides.

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