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Dougget 05-10-2006 03:36 PM

Walkway edging and dry cement
I'm planning a walkway project and have already collected enough field stone to cover the area of the walk. I have two questions at this point:

1 - I recall seeing metal edging material that would be used to contain the sand that the stones would be set on. It was about 1/8 thick, 4" tall and came in lengths of 10' to 15'. I have not been able to find this metal edging at my local Lowes/HomeDepot stores even a local brick yard, no luck... Any ideas where I might be able to find that edging?

2 - Dry set cement.. I'd like to put down a layer of crush, then instead of just plain sand, a mix of 1 part portland cement to 2 parts sand. I'd like to put the sand/cement mix down dry and set the stones, then wet everything and let the cement cure. Anyone have any experience with that method? What's an appropriate mix ratio? What's the best way to buy the cement? Lowes has 94 lb bags for $9 each. Is that a good price?


billinak 05-11-2006 06:35 PM

I think it's called Pave Edge
I got mine at Anchorage Sand and Gravel, so I'd try someplace like that instead of Lowe's or HD. More of a builders supply place. They have a website too, just search for Pave Edge and you'll find it, it works great. As far as cementing goes, make sure you have a good compacted base of D-1 or you'll get cracks as the whole things settles, which it will. You'll probably want a plate compactor from a rental shop. I live in Anchorage, so I used brick pavers to do a patio last year, that way they can heave when the ground freezes and drop back into place in the summer without it being too lumpy and no cracks! Plus the Pave Edge keeps everything in place.
Good Luck!

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