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sh40674 04-22-2013 10:35 AM

Very un even yard, help?!
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Ok so my yard wasn't so uneven until 2 related events happened... 1. My tree died, 2. A skid
Loader was driven all over it to remove it. So my grass is dying in spots and I have bare spots from all the saw dust... Which is no big deal. From the skid loader, it just destroyed it. The pic doesn't do justice. In the pic on the right you will see a circle of new grass... The grass didn't take we'll with our severe drought. But that circle is about 4 inches above the rest of the yard, like a mound. So I'm wondering what my options are? I plan on planting a tree the end of this week in the center of the yard (to the left of the old tree spot) so I have to keep in mind if I do any serious work to not harm the roots of the new tree

So should I 1. Cut all the sod up, till, level, and re seed(this would have to be done next year, and keep the newly planted tree away from it )

2. Put a tiny bit of soil and do it over the years.

3. Dump soil all over the low spots and bring it to the proper height and seed and walk away?

As for the mound/high spot where my tree used to be... Should I just till that area up, level, and re seed? Seems simple enough

Basically everywhere a dead-ish or bare spot is in the yard... Need fixed. Keep in mind a skid loader drove all over the yard. Also, I've been reading a good dirt/sand mix stays put when leveling better than just dirt... This true? What kind of sand?.

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Bondo 04-23-2013 07:57 AM

Ayuh,.... I'd till up the Whole thing, Now, regrade, rake it out, 'n reseed it, Then plant yer tree...

ddawg16 04-23-2013 09:01 AM helps to have your location in your profile. It sort of helps decide which way you go and when. Cost and time is also a factor.

How big is the yard? What kind of grass? What kind of grass do you want? What are your long term plans? Do you want to put in sprinklers?

sh40674 04-24-2013 08:07 PM

Live in Iowa, not a big yard, don't care what grass as long as its green. No sprinklers, won't live in the house more than 10 years. I think I'm gonna plant the tree, as it will be in the only level spot in the yard, and bring some dirt in to get at least the dips filled, and rent a roto tiller to take a few inches off the high spot and go from there... Worse case scenario I till it all up next year, I'll just mind to keep a distance away from the tree

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