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Ranger1227 04-10-2011 05:05 PM

under deck drainage problem
Years ago, when we did an addition, the deck installer built the off the back of the house. There was a downspout that he built around, so that the downspout empties underneath the deck. It drains to the back edge where the stairs are, but then the water pools up and it is very soggy. Any suggestions on diverting the water? I hate to have the deck taekn up to redo the draining I have thought of putting in a series of rain barrels on the deck to drain out another edge. Any other ideas?

DexterII 04-10-2011 11:04 PM

Without seeing exactly what you have, it's hard to say, but three things come to mind. The first is to relocate the existing down spout by installing a new one at the end of the deck, or maybe one at each end, and sealing the old hole. The second thought is to redirect the downspout, installing, as an example, a 45 right off the eases trough, and angle the downspout to the edge of the deck. The thrird thought is to slip a piece of PVC under the deck so that it carries the water from the existing downspout to the edge of the deck, even if it requires removing a deck board or two.

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