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keodark 06-20-2012 06:08 PM

Too hot for Elfin Thyme?
I live in San Jose, CA - we've had some pretty hot days lately, but nothing above 95. I have a flagstone path with gaps 1 - 4 inches wide. It gets full sun - almost sunup to sunset. I first tried breaking up the clay-y soil between the stones and planting a bunch of baby tears, but those shriveled up in less than a week, despite twice-daily watering to establish.

Figuring the sun was too much for the baby tears, I replaced them with a flat of creeping 'Elfin' thyme, which says it can handle full sun. I was careful to plant full plugs, and not break up the rootballs.

Alas, despite daily (early morning) watering for a week, some of the thyme is starting to shrivel and brown! How do I get this stuff established?


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