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marly 08-16-2012 09:54 AM

To till or not to till
I知 planning on doing a slit seed in about two weeks or so, of my entire lawn. Over the past week I had a stamped concrete patio installed and where the trucks came in it got pretty compacted. The grass was pretty hard before they came in. The concrete trucks sank in the ground at most an inch. The grass is starting to come back and you can稚 notice it much.

Anyway, since the ground is hard there I was thinking of tilling up the area, adding few yards of top soil and reseeding. I was also thinking of renting an aerator and aerating my entire lawn before I slit seed, so maybe I can get away with not tilling up the whole area. Maybe just aerate and add a little top soil? Should I just till the area, or would aeration and slit seed be sufficient?

user1007 08-16-2012 03:41 PM

If you have suffered that kind of compaction you really should till the soil. You might get away with power raking or slit seeding but the seed could have a tough time. The seed will come in faster and establish itself better if you do the prep. Not sure where you are but you probably want to be on your way with this by the end of Fall? You will already be at September in two weeks.

Remember that different turf grasses will germinate differently. Perennial ryes should emerge in 7-10 days under ideal conditions and fescues and bluegrasses take 21-30 or more. If there is risk of frost or a hard early ground freeze, you may want to wait until Spring.

Aeration might be a wise idea if there has been compaction as well but you cannot expect to achieve with it what you will with tilling the worst areas. And obviously, the cores will be too deep for germinating seed unless you fill them with amendments first.

marly 08-16-2012 03:58 PM

I知 just north of you in SE Wisconsin. I was thinking of having everything in place and watering my lawn by August 26th. I知 a bit unsure if I can get everything done by then, I知 not sure how hard the slit seeding will be. I値l be renting the machine and have no clue how long it値l take me. I have about 15,000 square feet, but right now the holdup is that I have a lot of quack grass in an one area. I sprayed some round up on it and I知 waiting to see if it dies before I go tilling it up.

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