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295yards 06-30-2010 05:36 AM

Surfacing over broken concrete
My friend put a surface coating over his broken concrete pad around his pool.

It is a really neat product. It looks amazing and he said it was relatively easy to install.

My concern is will the concrete continue to move under the new surface coating and ruin all the work in the near future.

There is some prep work before putting the coating over top the concrete but not much. He cleaned it thouroughly for good bonding and leveled the area with a rubber compound before applying the surface coat.

Just curious. Because if the ground shifted already to break up the concrete and it heaved up uneven wouldn't it continue to do that and ruin any top coat in the near future?

Scuba_Dave 06-30-2010 08:43 AM

Seems that if the concrete moved in the past it may move again
In some cases the concrete moves within the 1st few years due to settling & then does not move after that
What kind of coating ?

295yards 06-30-2010 09:43 AM

It's a decorative recycled virgin rubber ( EPDM ).
It looks like a decent small business being promoted right now, and I'm actually considering buying into this.
It's made mostly for repairing around pools, splash pads, stairs, walkways and apparently driveways.
I can see the value in the product but am mostly concerned about selling the idea to customers only to have the concrete below shift and ruin my hard labour and trust in the community.
The whole idea behind the product is to repair slabs of broken concrete without the costly repairs of jacking it up, placing the proper amounts of crushed gravels...and redoing it.
It almost seems to me if the concrete broke up or heaved it is because the contractor may have skimped on the gravel and compacting and the structural integrity is not there to just quick fix top coat it.
An example is my nephews yard.
He has a sidewalk going beside his garage and connecting to his back patio which has approx. 4 6ft. X 6ft. slabs of concrete in a square pattern. Not sure if these should've been tied together with rebar but his slabs look like a city sidewalk.
He is interested in me leveling it with a cheap filler and top coating it, but how do I know the structure is sound?

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