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tripleup05 05-05-2011 09:43 PM

Stihl vent
I am sorta peeved off, and I need to express it to anybody that will listen. I tried my wife, but she said "shut up, Grey's Anatomy is on"

Anyways, my neighbor got foreclosed on, and before his crap got thrown in the street, he gave me a beat up looking Stihl FS74 trimmer. I have quite a few Stihl products, and I think the world of them. "All right, a new Stihl!" I thought to myself. So I looked the thing over, and it looked like it probably fell off a truck at one point. I really don't know where my neighbor got it, or if he ever ran it. I never saw him use it. The spark plug was broke in half, and the trimmer head was busted. Minor things.

I put a new plug and fresh gas in it, and it fired up within a couple of pulls...for about two seconds. Next thing I know, a hideous sound for a split second, and pieces go flying everywhere. I assumed the piston or crank flew apart, but upon inspection, the flywheel(?) apparently made contact with the magneto(?) and the little fins on the flywheel(?) are what went everywhere.

Notice the ?'s...that is because I am not all that mechanically knowledgeable. I'm not entirely sure that is the name of those parts, but I think so. With that said, I have gone into the heads of a couple of 4 stroke dirtbikes and ATV's, and completely rebuilt the bottom and top end of a 2 stroke dirtbike. With a service manual and some common sense, I have fixed alot of things in my day. Why should a relatively simple 2 stroke trimmer motor be any different?

The answer...because Stihl doesn't make parts schematics, diagrams, or even friggin' parts lists available to the general public!!! "Please see you nearest authorized Stihl dealer for parts support" That is some bull crap. I can't even look online at a schematic to get the proper names for the busted parts!

I know, i know...Stihl sells some dangerous stuff, and the last thing they need is some nutty wife to sue because her idiot husband half-heartedly followed the service manual, improperly assembled his chainsaw, cut his leg off, and bled out. But it still ticks me off that I can't even look at parts online, so that I can call the dealer tomorrow with a number instead of "Yes, I am looking for some parts for a FS74. You know the round thing in front of the motor with fins? Well, it slammed into the black thing that I assume generates current as the aforementioned round thing spins. You know those parts? What are they called? Ok how much? Why, yes, I plan on trying to fix it myself. Yes, I am sure. Look buddy, just give me the dang price. What do you mean I sound incompetent to fix it? Screw it, I'll call somebody else "

Anywho, I feel a ton better now. Thanks for listening!

Leah Frances 05-05-2011 09:50 PM

Grey's anatomy is still on??


Rant well earned. Sympathy offered.

tripleup05 05-05-2011 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by Leah Frances (Post 642886)
Grey's anatomy is still on??

Well it wasn't on live, but she recorded it and Private Practice on the DVR because we had been at her parent's all night. So after the day at the beach the in-law visit was, I came home and turned on King of the Hill. I have over 100 episodes recorded. Seen em all dozens of times. Anyways, she said "I don't think so" and took the remote and fired up Grey's.

She gets mad when I don't sit and watch her crappy shows with her, but there is no chance in Hades of me watching that stuff. I went out into the garage to work on the trimmer instead of fussing at her for turning off my wonderful show to play the smut she considers entertainment:laughing:.

In hindsight, it was probably a good thing the trimmer seized. It probably would have woken the baby. Then she would have dealt with a crying baby while postponing her show even longer. Double whammy.

Yes, I think the flywheel thing throwing chunks of metal at my eyes was probably the best option:lol:

Leah Frances 05-05-2011 11:10 PM

Love love love King of the Hill.

Chromium Picolonate every orifice, every day. -Dale Gribble

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