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kronic24601 02-13-2011 03:18 PM

Sprinkler: Splice PVC onto older NONthreaded Galvanized?
I have an issue where a long stretch of older galvanized sprinkler pipe is run under a fair amount of concrete (30 foot straight run or so). It's so much, that cutting the concrete, and placing new PVC is out of the question.

That said, I need to do some sprinkler modifications and adjust where the head is (as it will soon be covered in concrete).

Ideally, I could find a good way to tie in the galvanized to a PVC, and unfortunately, where it would have to be tied in there will be no thread on the galvanized pipe. I am told this is hard to do.

My questions are thus.

1) Considering the usage (sprinkler watering for 10min 3 times a weak), is there a decent way to tie in a un-threaded galvanized pipe to a PVC one?

2) Would it be easier/longer lasting if I tied galvanized into a copper pipe instead? (this portion of the sprinkler system is the very last, little bit)

3) Is there some easy way to push out a 30 foot section of pipe and replace with PVC that I am not aware of? Or some alternative to replace the galvanized pipe without breaking up all the concrete it is underneath?


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