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my calculator says you may need about 4 yards if you go 4" thick (plus thicker edges)which would be plenty. HERE, its about $80 a yard,,so about a 320 dollar bill will do it right,,for goodness sakes go rediimix,,,not mix your own,,,your arms wont last that long,,and the first will be dry before you get last mixed. We USED to mix all our crete that way,,but thank goodness no more.

you could make a little runway to scrape to,,and then flat bottomed to scoop up into. Washing to a slurry will be a stinking mess the neighbors wll be calling the cops for!! and yes buy the chain link fence panels and make sure they cant push out bottom or dig out. Dog police get expensive. check craigs list for panels AND a dog house,,take your time,,you can find cheap ones. Dogs ae harder to raise than kids,,,kids grow up and get potty trained,dogs dont


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Dogs ae harder to raise than kids,,,kids grow up and get potty trained,dogs dont

Cost more too!
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But when your kid develops a bad temper, you can always take it out back and shoot it.
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We have used DuraGrid interlocking tiles.
I have sold these for kennel use, locker rooms and showers. Very durable, easy to install and reletively inexpensive.
They are also useable somewhere else in the future, when you come up with a more permanant solution to this problem
good luck,
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I'm convinced that there is NO solution when you have multiple, active dogs. We have seven retired racing greyhounds. They have access to a 1/4 acre fenced area on our property through a dog door and have turned that area into a big cratered, mud pit. I pooper-scoop the area periodically, but I won't bother resodding it until I go to sell the place- it would just be a waste of $.
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Talked to my uncle who is quite up to speed on this kind of stuff, and he showed me the nice and cheap cement pavers from Home Depot. About 3 bucks a pop, only need around 150 of 'em, overall after all the ground I spend about 500, and toss another 200 at the fence. 700 is a hell of a lot better than the 3,000 or so it would cost to properly do the cement ground, and any other kind of paver or anything would suck.

For now I'm going to toss up a fence and allow her access to behind my 'casita'/'back-house' (It's a small-house used as a shed, but it's much bigger than a normal shed...') as it has cement behind it already.
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In case anyone still looks in this thread, I wanted to mention a doggie dooley - it is a plastic thing that you dig into the ground, with a lid on it, that you dump the dog poop into and then pour water and enzymes weekly, and it works like a little septic system. I have been using it for approx 9 months and it is pretty easy to use a scooper and dump the poop in there. Does not stink and does not attract critters/insects as far as I can tell.
It helps in two ways: makes it easier to dispose of poop (no baggies) and keeps the waste out of the landfill. I t also fertilizes the immediate area quite well, and the enzymes are safe. Also suggests to my dog where the "bathroom" area is in the yard, and he pretty much sticks around there.
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I wouldn't use pavers if I were you. They are a ton of work to do properly. Also, if you are going to lay them over grass then you will kill the grass underneath. It is also not very comfortable for your dog to snooze on. I also agree with getting a dog house or else getting a tarp to put over a section of the kennel so that your pup can get out of the sun/rain. Your best best will probably be to just fence an area off or else pick up a kennel from Lowes or Menards. Then just clean up poop a couple times a week. I just use a shovel and bucket for our dog. Nothing fancy. Your dog will probably pick an area and use that as it's "pooping place."


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