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tomseeley 08-30-2010 07:44 AM

To silt fence or not to silt fence that is the question
I park my RV next to my driveway on typical southern red clay with a little crabgrass and a lot of weeds on it. I plan to cover that spot with crusher run and also maybe a layer of #57 stone, to make it look pretty.

The spot has a slight depression in the center, running straight through from back to front in between both sets of RV tires. This lets back yard surface water during heavy rains run off to the front yard, which is what I want.

Because of the slope and the elevation, it is impossible for me to put a french drain type of perforated pipe down the center of the RV parking spot, but I do have to keep the surface drainage path working somehow.

So I plan to line the path (about 2' wide the entire length of the area where I'll park the RV) with larger pieces of stone than crusher run, and then cover the entire spot with crusher run on top of the larger stone in the middle and the clay on the rest of the spot.

One landscaper told me the size stone I'll put down in the middle is called surge stone. It's in the 1" - 2" range. I've got a lot of it available on my property, so it's cheap, in my case!

My question (yeah, there's a question in this post!): should I put down a layer of silt fence fabric either directly on the clay, beneath the stones, or above the stones before covering them with crusher run, or both?

It seems to me, either way, silt will eventually clog up the fabric and water will just run down on top of the surge stone and possibly on top of the crusher run layer too. That's not bad, as long as it does run down in a heavy rain! But what's the value of using fabric either on top or beneath the stone, compared with no fabric at all?

epson 08-30-2010 08:11 AM

try reading this, it may help:

downunder 08-30-2010 07:13 PM

How deep are you planning on making the rock?
Are you going to put it on top of the existing grade or do you plan to excavate for that amount of fill?
Is there some reason that you don't expect to be able to keep the same slope to your grade after you put down the rock? Rock will drain so I don't see a problem so far with what you are doing, unless I missed something.
For a slightly different point than what you have raised, if you put down the underlayment fabric (not silt fence) that construction companies have to use in accordance with Erosion and Sediment Control guidlines, it will keep or reduce your rock from migrating into the soil as you drive over it. Just a thought.

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