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itzlmntry 07-21-2013 03:07 PM

Side of New Concrete Stairs?
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I have a good sized gap on the sides of the new front steps I had put in, it used to be pavers straight down that grade. So now I have this gap on both sides. I was thinking we could add some dirt then some quickcrete on top of chicken wire attached to the landscaping posts then when the quickcrete is still wet press in some river rock for decorative purposes. I like the idea of having what would look like a little creek on each side, but I have a feeling the quickcrete will not adhere to the concrete steps. If anyone has a better idea, please help. Just not sure what to do with this gap on both sides of the stairs, I don't want water building up then flushing out under the stairs. Plants would eventually grow onto the steps, so that won't work I don't think? Although you can't tell there's about a 4 inch gap on each side, depending on where you measure it...Anyone with ideas is welcome. Thanks much for the help in advance, and thanks for the show also :).:thumbup:

joecaption 07-21-2013 03:37 PM

I never see that working it.
Should have need some form of a retaining wall built on each side of the stairs.

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