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attyc 03-21-2011 03:49 PM

Should I start over or is there hope?
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I live in Charlotte, NC. Last spring, I purchased a new home and the lawn was in pretty bad shape. Last fall, my neighbors aerated their lawns and I had planned on doing the same. However, the guy that I had come out to aerate it told me it would be a waste of time and money because my yard was filled with weeds. He told me to wait until this spring and to think about redoing the entire yard. Since then I've had neighbors give me different opinions. But most say I should start over by tilling it and laying seed. So now, we're here in March and I'm ready to do something. Should I start over? If I start over does that mean I should spray roundup to kill the grass/weeds first, then till it, then lay the seed. I don't have a big budget so I can't afford to bring in new soil but I can afford to have it tilled. I'm trying to do this in the next few weeks, so is it the right time of season to grow the grass?

Or, is my grass worth saving in its current state? Is there a weed killer I could use that would get rid of any weeds, crabrass, etc but treat my current grass (what little I have) and then maybe I could aerate and lay seed.

I'm just trying to get thick, green grass like my neighbors. I appreciate any help you all can give.

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