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mangiola 08-31-2010 02:54 PM

Sealing a new Pine Fence
After about 4 months I attempted to seal a new pine fence. using the sprayer recommended by someone with experience I found it difficult to get an even spray. After spraying the fist section I noticed it looked uneven and just horrible. The wife hated it and wants it off so I can apply a clear sealer instead. I used a power washer to remove the stain and it basically took a layer of the wood off. After 5 hours I only got half way done and decided to look for more info. Some parts of the fence splintered and need to be sanded. Hope the wood is not too damaged.

- Is there a chemical remover I can use that will not harm the wood?
- How long should I wait now that I have power washed it?
- Can I sand down the rough parts caused by the power washer?


Kurtzilla 08-31-2010 04:56 PM

mangiola, what you can try, is a product called Xylene. It is actually a paint thinner / sealer remover. You will need to spray the areas that you already sealed with Xylene. What it will do, is re-activate the sealer that you applied. Once it is re-activated then you can use your pressure washer at a distance to spray off the sealer, don't get to close, otherwise you will damage the wood again. Once the sealer is off, allow it to dry for a day or two and do a lite sanding to the fence to remove any rough spots. When applying your new sealer, use what is refered to a slit roller. Rolling on sealers is far more productive, and gives a better overall apperance then spraying. What happens when you spray, depending on temps. Is the sealer sets up quick and gives you a fan appearance.

Hope this helps. This is what I do.

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