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jmal_99 02-27-2013 01:11 PM

Remove ivy from front yard hill and replace with what?
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I HATE the ivy holding the dirt in place on my front lawn. It was there when I bought the house. I've already started removing it but I don't know what I want to put in its place. I was thinking of installing a 2'-3' timber retaining wall and leveling the yard enough to plant grass.

1) Any other suggestions of what to do with this space would be greatly appreciated. Cost is definitely a major factor here. Maybe just plant wheat?

2) The soil is extremely muddy for days after a rain, even in the "level" part of the lawn. What would be a good drainage solution? I specifically want to stop the pooling of water at the base of the hill. The pooling is already at sidewalk level so I can't drain to a lower point. I need to fill that hole and get the water running down the sidewalk to the street.

Ocelaris 03-25-2013 11:11 AM

How about some trailing junipers? We got a bunch of these cheap blue pacific junipers and planted them across the top of the the ledge and the grew down... although you might need some more.

Otherwise Pachysandra is a really common easy to grow ground cover (and cheap)

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