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Jim Reimer 10-30-2011 02:35 PM

Rainbird Valve
When I noticed that one of my sprinkler heads leaking, I thought it was due to a faulty valve. So I installed a new diaphragm kit in the Rain-bird DV-F valve. But it is still leaking. What could be the cause? Will I have to replace the whole valve?


user1007 10-30-2011 10:52 PM

You confuse me a bit. Is your leak near a sprinkler head or near a valve?

If a head is leaking why would you think replacing the guts of the valve to it would help? Not being snarly just trying to understand your situation. My guess would be the riser to the head or the fitting it is screwed into has cracked or otherwise failed. I guess it could be the sprinkler head assembly but this would be a rarity.

If it is a valve. Same concern if it is part of a manifold. Some piece of plastic is failing. Is the valve plastic by the way? I know they are cute and and cheap but real irrigation valves, unless and even if they have a cut-off valve ahead of them are brass.

Good news is if I am right the fix is easy and cheap. You will have to dig a bit to get down to things and see what is going on. Let me know if you do not find a piece of cracked PVC or something similar?

mkgoetz 10-31-2011 02:05 PM

Is the sprinkler head the last and lowest head on the line? If so it could be draining the lateral after the valve has closed. Easy fix by adding a check valve before the riser.

When you replaced the diaphragm did you change the solenoid also? Did you make sure the valve body was clean of debris? A tiny stone can keep a valve from closing properly. Plastic valves are fine. Automatic brass valves have not been used in household installs for many years.

Jim Reimer 11-01-2011 10:26 AM

Leaking valve
Mkgoetz and sdsester Thanks for your reply.

I guess I wasn't real clear with the problem. I think the leak is coming from the Rain Bird valve. I first noticed the leak when there was continuous seepage of water at the sprinkler head. To verify that the leak was coming from the valve, I removed the head and checked directly at the pvc pipe coming from the valve. (This eliminated any drainage from the lateral lines)
With the valve shut off water was seeping at the pvc end. Which is the line directly connected to the valve.

There doesn't seem to be any cracks around the valve, and the area around the valve is dry. I visually checked for debris and cleared whatever was there. Is there some other way to clear the valve of debris if there is any? What else could be the cause?

Thanks for your help

user1007 11-02-2011 08:22 AM

Ah yes. Now I think I get you. You have water leaking through the first sprinkler in the series when the valve should be closed? Right?

Automatic irrigation valves usually have little thumbscrews for lack of a better word that sit on the valve housing. Twisted open, they essentially bypass the solenoid and allow you to check your water circuits without using the solenoid and running all the way back to your timer to turn the valve on. Or water manually without turning the circuit on at the timer box.

An o-ring or gasket around the screw may have failed or the screw might have worked loose a bit? This situation might be allowing the valve to open part way.

If this doesn't fix things? And I know you fixed the diaphragm for the anti-syphon part of the valve. Did the kit come with packing for the valve stem itself?

Rainbird tech support is attentive. You might place a call or send an email to you.

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