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gam7 10-24-2009 10:46 PM

Rain & mud splashing onto basement window
I just replaced my three basement windows with vinyl ones. One problem I'm trying to tackle is how everytime it rains, water and a little mud splatters onto one of the windows. This window is pretty much at ground level. It is always dirtied up and never clean compared to the other 2 that are about a foot from the ground and further downslope. I really do not want to install a window well, as seepage is not a major issue in my basement and I have a basic gutter system.

I think part of the reason for the splashing is that there's a window sill for a regular window above this basement window, with water runoff that's going directly down and splashing.

I have heard that putting down some gravel along the foundation wall will reduce this splashing? Is that true? I think I saw it on a this Old House show years ago. I have grass (and some bare spots) along this area, but am open to the gravel and perhaps mulch with some plants as well.

Let me know if I should try some gravel along where this window is or of any other ideas. Thank you!

gam7 10-24-2009 11:21 PM

It so happened to be a rainy night tonight, so I grabbed my flashlight and peered outside my bedroom window (above the basement window in question) and looked around. Bingo- there is a small 4X4 gray utility box that's on the siding, above the basement window. Plus, the street telephone lines and cable run to this same side and connect to a spot that is in about the same vertical line as this utility box!

So the pooling water from these obstructions is creating runoff with larger pellets of water than the usual rain drops, that drop down a good distance, hence the consistent splashes. My windowsill isn't the problem.

There must be some vinyl siding or trim that I could create a little awning out of and affix somewhere on the siding to deflect this run off further out to the lawn, as I'm not sure gravel would be enough alone.

Sorry for the rambling but thanks iin advance for any advice!

Kap 10-25-2009 01:49 PM

The awning sounds like a good idea. Gravel will help. It may still splash, but at least it wont be muddy.

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