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pesphoto 10-27-2007 11:09 AM

question about using rocks
I put up a fence at our newly purchased house and on the driveway side there was a small strip of grass on the outside of the fence once it was up. I just removed the grass and would like to use landscaping rocks of some type. What is best to use and can I just lay the rocks on the dirt or do I need something between the rocks and dirt? Im not a big fan of the white rocks, was thinking of something more like river rocks.

Here are a couple photos to show you what I mean. I know the bottom of the fence looks a mess but Im going to repaint once this is done.
Thanks for any advice.

rjordan392 10-27-2007 01:54 PM

One thing you do not want to do is put down pure white rock as it is too bright white to look at. Which may be the reason you are not fond of it. The rock is actually marble and the material that the home centers like Home Depot sells, is too bright white. Go to and take a look at their decorative stone. Amongst their many choices, there is one called "Snow White" which is a mixture of all white and grey/white pieces. I think this would be a good choice as this mixture will blend in nicely with both the fence and the stonework at the base of your house.
When you decide to place stone, dig out the soil down to two inches below the concrete surface and place the proper fabric in it and just lay your stone to fill up your excavation.

Home Centers sell a fabric that allows water to drain off but prevents grass and weeds to grow. Put some of this in the excavation, then place your stone.

You may need to find a quarry/distributor that is closer to you. Check them out.

pesphoto 10-27-2007 02:00 PM

Thank you, sounds like good advice. I'm off to see what Home Depot has to offer.

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