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joeyboy 04-18-2008 10:37 PM

Question about soil amendment application methods
Alright, I live in FL near the beach, and my soil is *pure* beach sand lol!!

Sooooo, I'd like to amend my soil with both peat moss and compost. Only problem is I don't have a rototiller, and have no desire to find where all the lines are that I'd potentially cut up. Also, rototilling would destroy my current turf, and also hurt a lot of my large evergreen's roots.

But, that leaves me with a lawn of sand!

I came up with an idea I think will accomplish what a heavy amendment application + rototilling would. I figure that all I've gotta do is load up my rotary spreader with a mix of compost/peat moss, and just drop it regularly. I know if I did a heavy layer, it'd be bad and create a poor surface, but I'm figuring that by doing very light, but frequent, light top dustings/dressings like this, that over time they'll settle into the soil and, maybe in some months or a year, the end result will match that of having just rototilled a large amount all at once.

Would this work well?

joeyboy 04-26-2008 09:29 PM

Would the amendments (compost, peat, etc) even be able to make it far (I dunno, maybe 2-6" deep) enough down before they've been completely 'processed'? By that, I mean if I do this, for a very long time, very diligently doing regular intervals of light applications, will I eventually be able to inspect soil ~5" below the surface and see anything but the normal, golden sugar sand we have here in FL @ the coast?

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