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annie68164 08-19-2010 11:44 AM

question about Pine Wilt
We have a large Scotch Pine windbreak (about 70 trees) several have died from pine wilt but some seem to have been "skipped" by the wilt. All the trees are over 10 years old. Could it be that these trees will end up living? Or will the wilt get all of them? I notice one a tree is infected it dies rapidly, and it seems to move from one tree to the next. It's just odd that there are random trees that show no signs of dying. We plan to remove the dead trees with a dozer all in one shot but don't know if we should also removed the living Scotch Pines or leave them be and see what happens. Hate to tear out good trees. Thanks for any knowledge you would like to impart on us! :)

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