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KarlJay 08-19-2010 12:47 AM

preping for new lawn, had problems in the past
I'm in Sacramento, CA and have 2 very large trees on the South edge of my property, Elm and Sycamore(?sp) that hide the sun from my lawn area for most of the day. I tried seeding with HD stuff and didn't have very good results.
I've killed the lawn, tilled it up, installed a pond, and auto sprinklers. I'm getting ready to regrow a new lawn.

One other problem was a weed thing that has small (larger than a pea) sized white seeds a few inches below ground. I'd like to kill everything and don't know if tilling and raking up the dead woud be enough to kill things off.
Would I be better off starting with some weed kill before I start a new lawn?

What seeds should I be looking at?
I'd like something durable as I have a dog, the yard is mostly shaded.
I'd rather go with seeds as sod might be out of the budget.

Mr Chips 08-19-2010 08:17 AM

You really want to get a shade mix. The good thing about a mix is you have differnt species that can handle different conditions, diseases, etc.

Get a shade mix, that has a variety of course and fine fescues. Plant in the early fall, since you'll have less leaves on the trees and the grass will have it's best shot to get growing with the extra sunlight. Prune some branches as well if it's really dark, or you may just be wasting your time.

When you mow, cut at the highest setting so you have as much surface area as possible at all times, this will give the grass a better chance to catch the sunlight that comes through.

A lot of people think that shaded lawns need more fertilizer since they get less sunlight. this is not true, shaded lawns need about half, so don't go crazy with fertilizer, and when you do fert, make sure you use a product like "winterizer" that is formulated primarily for root growth

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