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hd82 07-31-2010 07:46 PM

Hello All, I have an areator system coming next week and have a situation that I need help with. I read in the startup manuel online that the pump needs to run 15 mins first day, 30 next and time doubles each day for 8 days to get the pond to the right oxygen level,

My problem is that I only get out to my country property on weekends. :(

My solution, if possible is I have an underground sprinkler system I installed last year to water the lawn during the week when I am not there. I have an open space in the control box for another module, the switch that opens and closes the valve for each sprinkler run. I would like to somehow have that module control an on / off switch to the areator pump. The sprinkler system is low voltage, I think 12 volt. Is there a switch or control that I could have activated by the sprinkler timer to run the aerator?:whistling2:

This would make live easier since my pond is a 120 mile round trip from my home in the city.:confused1:


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