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Paying people to wreck my lawn

I have been with the same lawn CO now for a few years, my lawn never looked as ncie as I'd like, this year it looks horrible, I have neighbbors that do their own lawn care they theirs look much better, my wife pre paid for the whole year, so I'm stuck with them for now, you would think people in this business would know what they are doing. I don't mind paying to get the job done, but this is ridiculous. anyone chicago way?


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I can see if I can find you someone but please describe the services you contracted to have, or want to have. Is feeding, aerating, dethatchging, mowing, trimming and all included in what you have asked them to do? You cannot beat them up if you are not paying for some of these. Where in Chicago are you?


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You talking to me?
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have you bothered to address your concerns with the lawn maintenance company?
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They are supposed to come out next week.......we will see what they say
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Originally Posted by turbomangt View Post
They are supposed to come out next week.......we will see what they say
They should initially be listening and nodding to your concerns. If they can't get it right I'd replace them.
I don't understand the paying in advace thing for marginal historical work. By doing that, you're affirming their previous level of work as being acceptable.

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Trouble is, everybody is looking for the lowest price. I think the fertilizer they put on your lawn is pretty close to useless. And they hire dumb kids, who work cheap. who will aerate a lawn before asking if there is an inground sprinkler system. The owner probably knows what a cinch bug looks like, but I would not bet that the kid that sprays your lawn does. And he probably won't even look for cinch bugs, because he is told his job is to fertilize 22 houses today, and he better get it done.
I had the same frustrations, and started doing my own lawn a couple of years ago. My neighbor who does his own yard, has much better looking grass. The lawn care company surely gets a better deal than I do on fertilizer, but I think I spent more just on fertilizer as I did to to have the lawn care company do my yard.
You would have to educate yourself on lawn care. Sometimes, you can get creeping charlie, or other issues, that Scott's weed-and-feed just is not going to fix, and you need to call in the pros. Dandelions is another weed that you are going to have a hard time hitting yourself, but is trivial for the pros. But, since you are on a DIY websisite, you realise there is a greater satisfaction on doing it yourself.
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And no one, no matter if it's home improvement of someone in the medical field, will care as much as you do. Sad but true.

I'd say get rid of them if they don't come though, hire someone to cut and trim if you don't have the time, and do the feeding yourself with some research and the help of fine people like those on this forum.

That way you control the product quality yet spend only a little time on it.
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In order to have a rich, thick lawn, first you must correct your soil PH, as well as make sure the proper nutrients are available. Then, assuming you're getting adequate sunlight, you should water infrequently, but really deeply, to get a deep rooted lawn, that will be more durable and resistant to heat damage. Mow high, which will also encourage deeper roots and better protection from heat. Aerate and overseed in the fall, after weeds are no longer thriving.

The trouble with keeping a nice lawn is, the harder you work at it, the more work you make for yourself.

Finding the correct amount of fertilizer to put down is key. Too much and you'll get rapid top growth, which equates to more mowing. Not enough and the grass will not do as well as it could. Time release fertilizer will help with that.

Word on the street is, you may have a hard time finding ferts with Phosphorus this year, depending on your state. That's the middle number on the bag. Run-off is supposed to be a cause of algae blooms in the waterways.


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