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tard01 04-19-2012 01:54 PM

Paver Seal question
This is the pavers being used for about 500 sq ft

so i am thinking i need a sealant that soaks down into it.
I am also curious if i should do the sealant immediately, or wait a period (6weeks->3months?)

I've done some reading and quite frankly confused myself more than when i started as i dont know a few of the terms.

there is decent light, nothing overhanging really. i get normal texas rain. i do have 2 large dogs that do have a tendancy to cut into the yard/grass when running and toss around some mulch/dirt a decent bit. and due to the construction and we deciding to till/grow/seed new grass, i do have exposed dirt (read: mud when wet) nearby, so it's very likely the paved area will get dirty quickly.

so ya... my question is - based on the link i presented, should i stick with a penetrant sealer? Recommend a brand i can get at lowes/home depot? And should i perform immediately with a roll-on, or wait X amount of weeks/months before applying?

thanks in advance. starting laying pavers tomorrow morning. i already did all the digging prep work and removal.

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