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Hoopscoach 04-25-2010 03:02 PM

Paver Patio question
I am building a 200 sq ft patio under my deck. There is a sliding door walkout from the basement that will lead directly to the patio. My question is about my paver pase and edging. The step out of my door to the ground is 11 inches right now, so I don't want to have to add a step to get to the patio. I am planning on using 6 x 6's around the patio to use as edging. This will make my step out from the door 5 inches. Will I run into any problems with the 6 x 6 edging not being able to hold the patio in place, or shifting at all? I am going to drive rebar through at about every 3 ft. I also considered grading soil away from the patio to give it support from the outside. The front side will become a planter bed with soil and mulch and a retaining wall on the outside of it. Are there any things that I need to be worried about with this plan for using 6 x 6's on top of the ground? Thanks.

GardenConcepts 04-25-2010 03:55 PM

You should be fine. If it were my house, I would bury the first course of timbers and secure with re-bar, then add a second course of timbers secured to the base course with 10" spikes. I would also set the base course of timbers on a 4" base of compacted crushed stone.

Of course, the down side to timbers is they will begin to decay in 10 years or so.
If you plan on being in the house a long time, you might consider concrete segmental retaining blocks.

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