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kennykenny 11-23-2010 08:25 PM

Paver Brick Removal How To
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Attached is a picture of steps that I have on my patio that are constructed out of paver bricks glued to cinder blocks. I need to gain access fo the side of my house(on the left side of the picture) to to do some repairs which are behind the side of the two steps. The bricks have been in place for about 10 years.

Question, what is the best way of removing a couple of rows of bricks without damaging the removed bricks or at least minimizing the damage to the remaining bricks? Use a chisel and chip between the bricks? Use a prybar? Other suggestions? What is the best type of adhesive to afix the bricks when putting them back?

GardenConcepts 11-24-2010 02:53 PM

I think you are going to have a difficult time removing those pavers intact. In my experience, removal of the pavers will damage the block and the pavers. I use PL brand adhesive- and once it sets up, the pavers will not come off.

PeterRegent 11-27-2010 10:55 AM

You can still buy that style of brick, I would buy a few spares and replace as required.

You might get lucky and get them off without breaking, try using a thin and flat chisel.

ChrisFixit 11-29-2010 08:35 AM

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Hey kennykenny I agree with PeterRegent getting those paver's out unscathed is gonna be tough. Like he said though your in luck as that particular color and style paver is readily availible. As far as implements of destruction go though I'd recommend going with a brick chisel with a hand guard. It should make isolating specific bricks a lot easier. Add a nice single hand sledge to the equation and the application of a pry-bar when needed and you're about as set as you can be. When it comes time to secure the replacement paver's I've always had good experience with PL and Liquid Nails products. Good luck with this.

edit: Added image of the brick chisel I was referring to

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