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Patio Paver Sanding

Having a problem with a contractor installed patio & steps sanding . Pavers are installed over a concrete base . I believe polymeric sand was used ; but, not swept entirely off the edges of the pavers before watering. Now, this excess sand is proving very difficult to remove ...leaving sand not only down in the margins between pavers ;but, all over the paver edges. The contractor has tried to sweep this excess ( no way )...and then had a guy use a pressure washer ( removed some sand entirely ) .

My questions ....and comments :

1. What type of sand should be used & does the concrete base dictate any preference? ( I see the website for "SuperSAnd" does NOT recommed polymeric sand be used over a concrete base .
2. Looks to me like any solution starts with complete remaval of the existing sand..??
3. Are different colored sands available ( we want a dark color to compliment the pavers )
4. I see most instruction say to use a "compactor"... I assume this is NOT necessary since pavers are bedded in mortar ?

Thanks for any help !


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It sounds like you have "brick" sized pavers set and mortar on a concrete slab, if I read correctly. I assume the pavers are set "tight" and you have a wider joint to show off a special color.

This type of installation would require a conventional mortar that may be pigmented. If you are after a dark color, the mortar should be "tinted" using a high quality pigmenting agent and not something that gets the dark color from something like carbon black that is not really a pigment, but just "soot" that weathers away revealing a lighter color.

The reference to a compactor would be for the more common used of pavers set in a sand bed with tight joints. In this application, polymeric sand could be acceptable for a lightly loaded patio, but acceptable on a large, heavy duty application like a driveway, street or airport taxiway. In this case the vibratory compactor is used to even out the surface and increase the strength by getting the fine sand into the tight joints to create the interlock and strength. For high strength/stability pavers on large projects and not laid on concrete, but on a compacted soil base. If is fortunate that a patio is not critical and is lightly loaded and close inspection of the surface is usually the main criteria.

Your contractor is an amateur.



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Patio Paver Sanding

Thanks, Dick... The pavers are already set in mortar on a concrete base . They are set pretty tight ; but still with about 1/8" average between.... more in places where odd cuts had to be made on corners, etc. Overall, the paver installation is OK....just this sanding business has me stumped....and, yes, it appears the contractor is somewhat "lost" in this step.
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