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forresth 09-11-2010 08:55 PM

old comercial mowers
I was thinking of getting a larger mower because I would be doing my place and my parrent's just down the road. The total size is now over an acre., and the 20" ancient mulcher is comming up short.

because of steep hills and my excessive weight, the cheap residential grade riding mowers would probably not last long, and may not even be able to manage the steep section on the road between the 2 houses. The garden tractors should be able to manage, but they are way out of the budget. so obviously my budget wont allow for new or nearly new comercial grade stuff either.

I am seeing very little of the large comercial grade walkbehinds or garden tractors in the used market locally, but I have been finding a couple front mount comercial riding mowers old enough that I may be able to afford them.

anyone use these?
I'm afraid they will be too much for the tight spaces.
anything to keep an eye out for when I look at them?

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