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IckesTheSane 04-02-2008 09:29 PM

Non-Gas powered mowers. Experience? Thoughts?
Last fall I got my mower out for what was going to be the last mowing of the season. After a series of (retrospectively) comedic events, including the pull string snapping and myself briefly flying, I could not get the mower to start. A quick call to my dad, and I borrowed his mower the next day to finish out the season.

The mower that he has is some model of the electric battery powered Neutron mower, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was light, quiet, and even easier to push than my self propelled gas mower, and certainly worth me considering if I do need to replace my mower.

I was picking up a few things at Lowes, and saw they had a plug in electric for $100, which looked like it was stock leftover from last season. I figure a plug in is going to be just as light and quiet, but of course have a cord.

So, does anyone have much experience with electric mowers? I'm thinking dealing with a cord would be a real pain, but that maybe I could deal with it if it saved me $300 over a battery powered mower? Are there other good battery powered brands, or features I should look out for if I do go with an electric one of some sort?

Thanks for any advice, experience, and anecdotes!

Vermonster 04-04-2008 01:46 PM

No offense to anybody that has an electric mower, but I used to laugh when I would go over to my buddies house and his neighbor was out there mowing with his. He was constantly fumbling with the cord to get it out of the path of the mower. I think he could have picked a better pattern to mow, and the cord wouldn't have been a problem... maybe that is why I laughed at him.

Electric is cleaner, greener, and quieter than gas... its really your call. Is your lawn completely covered by the cord length or are you going to be investing in some extension cords?

A new gas powered mower (one that doesn't have a pull cord that snaps and starts regularly would probably make you happy too though), and that would still probably save you a couple hundred over the battery powered.

Before you by it... search the web for reviews - there is probably a reason why its cheap. :)

IckesTheSane 04-05-2008 12:04 AM

Thanks for your thoughts, Vermonster. I was thinking about it a little more, and came to the conclusion that a corded model is simply impractical. My lawn is essentially woods with grass (kind of) growing underneath, a cord would too easily get wrapped up around trees.

I stopped by my dad's house to borrow his Neuton to give it a more thorough testing sometime this weekend, and noticed the new issue of Consumer Reports; it reviews mowers. They rated a fair number of battery powered mowers. Their order from better to merely 'good' is:

Black and Decker CMM1200 - $400, 21", 24V, 65 rating overall, 88 lbs
Craftsman 37048 - $400, 19", 48V, 62 Rating overall, 80 lbs
Homelite UT13122 - $300, 20", 24V, 61 rating overall, 97 lbs
Neuton EM 5.1 - $350, 14", 24V, 57 overall, 48 lbs

After using my dad's Neuton last season, I'm surprised at how heavy the other mowers are. Probably directly related to the cutting width, as the Neuton is much narrower. My lawn would generously be described as 'rugged' and it's also on a pretty good slope, so the lighter the better (right?), since none of the electrics are self propelled.

Any experience with any of those particular models?

rgathright 12-03-2008 01:04 PM

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