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Another important point is that most lawn companies run a roller over the sod after laying it down, especially if the soil was tilled or loosened. Otherwise, your lawn will be squishy whenever it gets wet.


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How did your grass turn out, I have two week old sod and is turning brown. Did you water longer or shorter?
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I googled sod farm advice and randomly selected the following from people who sell sod for a living:

Sod is a perishable commodity! Sod must be installed and watered A.S.A.P. after delivery. Installation MUST take place within 12 hours after it is delivered to the job site.
Do a final rake, eliminating an equipment tracks.
You should apply a fertilizer directly on the ground that is higher in phosphorus or apply on top of the newly installed sod prior to watering.
When the sod is at the site, arrange the sod so that there is minimum traffic on the prepared soil and newly installed grass.
Lay the sod in a manner similar to laying bricks.
Butt tightly together the ends and sides of the sod strips making certain there is no overlapping.
To fit around obstacles or in smaller places, merely cut the sod with a linoleum knife (preferably on the underside).
Install Watering and Fertilization
If you have chosen to apply fertilizer on top of the sod, apply with a cyclone or rotary type spreader at the recommended rate.
Pick up all pieces of the sod from cuttings, sweep sidewalks, etc.
Give the sod a good "soaking" making certain the water penetrates the soil 4 to 6 inches. The initial "soaking" should be done as soon as a pallet of sod is laid or an area approximately 15 x 15 feet has been installed. Be sure to keep your sod "soaked" for the first 10 to 12 days. One may have to water 3 to 4 times each day lightly to keep the sod blades moist. This is determined by such factors as wind, temperatures, etc. The first few days are CRITICAL! **After the sod has knitted to the soil, water every 2 to 4 days. However, the frequency of watering depends on the soil type, topography, natural precipitation, wind, temperature, humidity, etc. It is better to apply 1/2 to 3/4 inch at each application rather than lesser amounts daily. Water when the grass needs it. Learn to read the dehydration signs:
An early sign is a purplish cast where the leaves begin to fold and roll. You may leave footprints when walking on the grass.
A significant sign is when the grass turns steel gray and grass blades begin to shrink in width.
Another sign of dehydration is when the grass becomes straw colored. The roots are still alive and will give rise to new leaves in time with adequate watering.
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It doesn't look that bad to me. I would keep doing what you're doing. It'll start to turn greener soon. Trust me. I had a hard time with sod last summer.


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